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  • 1717 Broening Hwy.
    Baltimore, Maryland 21224

    Phone: 410-631-4004
    Fax: 410-631-5604

Welcome to
Zion's Christian Academy

Every child is unique! At Zion’s Christian Academy, we respect each child’s individuality that is why we nurture them to become their best. We start early by encouraging them in their formative years to fulfill the promise of their future and we make use of a curriculum that enables young Christian Learners to learn how to read as early as the age of four. We jump start a child’s learning capabilities and making use of their curious nature in an environment that fosters learning, friendship and spirituality.

We have a mission to develop the “love for learning” in each student. This healthy curiosity for knowledge and the interest to learn new skills can be very useful for the child in their adult years. Our programs help youngsters start a learning schedule as early as their infancy. Zion’s Christian Academy has programs for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and gradeschoolers. We even have a summer camp that allows students to interact with other children from different age groups while school is out. In the diversity of the learning environment at Zion’s Christian Academy, we make each child appreciate his or her unique self.

Enroll your child at Zion’s Christian Academy where there is engaging, meaningful, and Christian-based learning. Please visit us for a tour or give us a call with your concerns. You can reach our faculty at 410-631-4004.

An environment that builds Christian Character in your child.